About Us

We Believe Ethical Awareness Among Our Employees.

Manpower Group Solutions

Through outsourcing the well experienced and potential fresh resource like- minded employees who fit, Organization/client are turning to Manpower company solutions. Our workforce solutions have ability for possibilities for better business results with lowest cost.


Focusing on improving of product knowledge through manpower, by increasing creativity, providing competitive services success of business of our client’s/organization.

Manpower helps organization’s to manage the rapid changing with new ideas/technologies in today’s world, in which quick access to the right talent is a influential competitive advantage. We believe our success of our clint’s organization success which is possible through understanding of staffing trends of qualified staff.

Human resource management can deliver the talent by recruiting the right candidate to the right job for better client’s organizational results to enhance the business.


The mission of Shahid and Company is to provide excellent manpower and services, The needs of valuable clients by providing solutions of higher quality, reasonable terms, through cost effective manners, and superior delivery based on “Exceptional Customer Service” and “Customer Satisfaction” .

Talented professionals to provide end-to-end solutions: from consulting to delivery and with a partner-in-business approach


To become the most respected customer-centric Company that is best managed in terms of reliability and deliverance. We aim to be the best employer by setting benchmarks in employee care, corporate ascendancy and community services.

Our unique approach, communication and planning process helps companies. Avoid many odd the traditional pitfalls associated with outsourcing.

Our Values

  • Commitment
  • Responsibilities
  • Quick Communication
  • Passion
  • Truth and Trust
  • Excellence
  • Effectiveness
  • Accountability
  • Integrity and Loyalty

Registration and Affiliation

Our Company believe on compliance of applicable law and regulations such as individual taxation, EOBI & Social Security contribution/payment, ensuring certificate from government departments.

We are registered with the connective Government Departments,

  1. Shops & Establishment
  2.  Income Tax (FBR)
  3.  Sales Tax (SRB)
  4.  EOBI
  5. Social Security Departments etc.